Hair Band

A Hair Band is an article of clothing that is designed to be worn around or on a person's head. It generally consists of an oblong strip of fabric. Headbands may be worn around the head, passing on top of or just above the forehead. Usually this configuration is designed to absorb sweat and keep it from reaching the eyes when one is engaged in a physical activity. Often headbands used for this purpose are made of terrycloth, which form a continuous loop. Folded bandanas, usually knotted behind the head, also serve this purpose. They also may serve to keep the bangs/fringe out of one's face when the person chooses to grow them out. Headbands may also be worn on top of the head. Often this is used to keep long hair from easily reaching the wearer's face. Headbands may be cloths that form a loop or cloth-covered plastic in a crescent shape. There is also specialized headbands that are designed to be worn covering the ears in order to protect them from cold weather. They tend to be broader and of heavier fabric. Headbands are often worn as fashion. Some headbands are adorned with hairbows or flowers and are commonly seen worn by female members of wedding parties. Headbands are a popular fashion accessory for young girls. Headbands often project certain connotations. During the 1980s, headbands could be associated with rock and roll music, particularly with Bruce Springsteen. Headbands are often seen in sports and in the martial arts, and are also referred to as sweatbands.

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